Bangkok Tour

Bangkok is considered to be one of the world’s top tourist hotspots and is currently Asia’s top tourist destination.

Bangkok’s temples are a unique part of the capital’s heart and soul. The temples are not just tourist attractions but also play an important part in Buddhist traditions. Monks live in the temple complexes, wake up around 04:00, attend to prayers and duties and then collect food and necessities from ordinary people on the streets.




I made the biggest mistake of the day. I wanted to visit the country’s most renowned historical venue – Wat Phra Kaew ( inside the Gland Palace). We were not allowed to go in as my son and I were wearing shorts. Take my advice don’t wear shorts if you want to visit this temple in Thailand. Thai temples are sacred places so you must dress appropriately.



The tut tut driver took us to another temple which was quite a distance from the Grand Palace. I saw a high standing Buddha and some foreigners and locals prayed by side of the temple. It has several interesting Buddha images, elevated murals on the walls and lavishly gilded window shutters. In the small museum are old Buddha images and various paintings.

It’s fun to sit in tut tut in the beginning, but we realise later how dangerous it was. The tut tut driver was driving like crazy and was caught by the traffic police. The driver wanted us to share the summon! This incident was a bad experience for us and has somewhat become an unpleasant memory of Bangkok.

In Bangkok, we took a boat ride along the canal to see some of the tourist attraction spots. I got to know that tourists were keen to visit Damnoen Saduak floating market, situated 110 kms west of Bangkok and this led me to take a package tour to visit the outskirt of Bangkok the next day..

We did some more last minute shopping and ended up in a night market Bangkok









5 responses to “Bangkok Tour

  1. The first photo was fantastic…and they kept getting better.

  2. nice place to holiday.

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  5. Bangkok is truly the best place to be.

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