Do you like fishing?


Photo by Kaali

It might not be too much about getting food for dinner for his family. This man was fishing alone seem to enjoy the outdoors and nature surrounding by himself. He must has always loved being outside.

It was a fun hobby that was also relatively easy to do. It was something that he could do to kill time and it was relativly inexpensive. This made it the perfect hobby for someone like him who enjoy alone in the nature surrounding.

Many people like fishing also means of providing something to free the mind and body of the worries of the day. Fishing is a great way to relax.

Sometimes people who are living in the town found so congested and noisy, perhaps is a time to get out from it to go outskirts for a change, getting away the heat and hot weather to the cooler surrounding with water and fishing.

Quite often I was asked about the effects of weather on fishing, but I have come to the conclusion that weather affects people/fisherman more than it does the fish. Most conditions that make us uncomfortable have little effect on the fish, and the so called ” perfect ” conditions aren’t always as perfect as they seem.


One response to “Do you like fishing?

  1. Fish bite really well when they’re under 6 inches of ice. So what if you’ve got to auger a hole in the ice. Cold? Mmm, actually the answer is yes.

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