Which is the Best–Nikon D3 vs Canon 1D Mark lll series.


Nikon launched its D3 today in Japan. Whether amatuer or professional, all want to know how good of Nikon D3 compare to Canon 1D Mark lll and 1Ds Mark lll.

The Star photojournalist Lai Voon Loong is assigned to cover this event and he has the first hand of the story about this Nikon D3 camera. Find out from what he thinks and feels about this launching in his Shot Story column in The Star when he returns.

Let see how Nikon proof to us it is super and the best over it’s rival Canon.

Will the new Nikon D3 be able to recapture market share lost to arch rival Canon over the last several years? Would the former Nikon users who switched to Canon will open their mind to change back to Nikon? What is the pricing and all will be known very soon.

Instead of competing for the greatest number of pixels possible on the sensor though, Nikon has redeveloped their flagship cameras to maximize image quality and performance.The Nikon D3 features a full-frame sensor with a 12.1-megapixel resolution.
Nikon has developed their own CMOS sensor, dropping the Sony-produced sensor for the D3, which the company has dubbed the FX format (as opposed to the DX format sensor in the previous models).

The magnesium-alloy body has a new Nikon-developed image processing engine called “Expeed” to produce either 12 or 14-bit images at a nine frames-per-second speed with a buffer that captures 67 JPEG or up to 20 NEF (RAW) images at a burst

Check detail information for the Nikon D3 here.

1. Nikon Imaging

2. Dpreview

3. KenRockwell.com


29 responses to “Which is the Best–Nikon D3 vs Canon 1D Mark lll series.

  1. 1D Mark 3 of coz ! Go CANON !!!

  2. Glenn.
    Nikon D3 looks impressive too.

  3. The D3 completely trashes the badly executed Canon 1D Mark lll.

    Honestly, despite Canon’s market share, Nikon has always been the big brothers. Traditionally, Canon has released multiple cameras to complete with one Nikon camera. The Nikon D80 easily holds up against multiple semi-pro Canon cameras without a problem and it actually beats the them in many areas.

    Unfortunately, where Canon lacks in actual in quality image delivery it tries to make up in overrated, so-so technical feats which never translate to better images. Hence why the D3 image quality surpass the Canon 1D Mark III with ease just as Nikon has always done.

    In my opinion, the Nikon D3 stomping over Canon 1D Mark III is only a continuation of the historically better company, Nikon, with better technology, ideas, aura and best of all, sweet, mind-blowing and inspiring images that make want to take pictures just for the sake of taking them. Go Nikon!!!

  4. Thank you for your comment. You must be a die-hard Nikon user. As I said earlier, will the new Nikon D3 be able to recapture market share lost to arch rival Canon is depending how Nikon proof to us it is super and the best over it’s rival Canon.
    Nikon D3 is only available in the market the latest December 2007.
    By the way I think we just have to wait…… .

  5. Professional need quality (Nikon) not quantity (Canon). EOS 30D also can take a good sport pictures.

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  7. Hello all and everybody….
    What can you say about the Canon 1D mark iii focus issue ?

  8. Catherine, you should read my latest posting as I had mentioned it.

    The detail from Canon: Canon EOS-1D Mark III News
    02 November’07: Service Notice – AF Mirror Adjustment Problem
    Canon have found an issue with the mirror mechanism, which is part of the autofocus optical system which may cause inconsistent focusing accuracy or inconsistent focus tracking with moving subjects when using AI-Servo AF and continuous shooting modes, particularly in high temperatures. If the serial number on the bottom of the camera is between 501001 and 546561, it could contain one of the AF mirrors with the adjustment problem.

    Canon offers repairs free of charge for customers who have affected products and are experiencing this problem.

  9. There was a comment about Nikon historically being more innovative or something to that effect.

    Canon was the first to switch to digital and the first to start out with a new lens format (EF). Nikon was too scared to do that and followed suit after canon success.

    For years now, Nikon’s ISO noise has been pretty bad, there ISO 800 had enough noise to make a photo very unuseable imo after post processing. You needed extra software in Photoshop to lower the noise.

    Canon had 3 T/S lenses for years and years…just recently (Jan/2008) did nikon finally respond with 1 lens.

    I bring up those two reasons because the T/S and ISO were some of the main reasons Nikon users either switched or bought a Canon to compliment their Nikon.

    BUT, with that said, I have friends that use both cameras and good photos are good photos. I’m not trying to start a flame war but there was some inaccuracies in the comments I read.

    The D3 is an amazing camera, who doesn’t want ISO 25000+ option.

  10. Minh,

    Nikon release dSLRs before Canon did. Remember the Nikon/Kodak hybrids? Nikon released the D1 long before Canon had a pro dSLR. Eventually, Canon found a loophole in a contract they had with Kodak, a non-compete clause, and then they release the D30.

    As for anyone who says Canon has the market share… As of 2007, Nikon has outsold Canon for dSLRs. Canon still dominates Point and Shoots. But Nikon D2x’s and D2xs’s outsold 1D MkII’s by a lot, and D200’s outsold 5D’s. Nikon surpassed Canon in Japan first, and then in the US. Right now it’s Canon playing catch up.

    In the end, we all win, because both companies produce excellent products, and whether you shoot Canon or Nikon, you’ll have some amazing equipment to choose from.

  11. Thank you for the two comments. I think you are more in favour of Nikon than Canon.

    Nikon D3 and Canon mark lll are both good cameras and I do agree with you that we all win.

    It is not the only reason that allow us to choose the excellent products from these two company but the pricing of their products have to remain competative especially Nikon D3 and Canon Mark lll.

  12. I’ll switch in a heart beat to quality. Whether it’s Nikon or Canon. I now own both systems. Hell, I’ll walk around with two different brand of cameras at a wedding, i don’t care.

  13. The Canon MarkIII focus issues prevented me from buying that camera. I actually bought my first Nikon, a D3. I’m 50 years old and I’ve always used Canons (even when Nikons were the better camera..which I couldn’t afford at the time). Recently I’ve owned and used the MarkII1ds and the MarkIIN. The MarkIIN is many times the camera with an awesome autofocus system(which is what I presently use since they came out). I can’t wait to test out the D3 before I take it into battle (weddings.) I just ordered some more Nikon stuff today. I have done all types of photography from full-time newspaper photojournalism to a studio owner shooting babies,families, aerial photography, etc..etc…now I just do weddings. Whatever the top pro photojournalists shoot, then we’ll know what’s the best camera. If the white lenses at the SuperBowl start turning black, then Nikon is making the comeback. Hardcore professionals want the edge on the competition and and trust me, money and “the name” (Nikon & Canon) is no object when it comes to performance. Newspapers and magazines listen to their photographers and a $$$$ switch in equipment is peanuts.

  14. As it always seems it’s about evenly split between Canon and Nikon. They will always produce great cameras and most of the time they’re very similar. If someone has a Nikon D3 and has never held a camera before they will not shoot better photos than somebody with a Canon Rebel XT.
    I figure if you want a DSLR, first figure out your quality range (from beginner to advanced to professional) and then find the camera which has the best value for money.
    I hope the D3 is a good camera, and I think it will win some users because the price is low compared to the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III.

    (just for the record, I’m a Nikon user)

  15. in all of these threads. i notice one key component missing.

    everyone knows that for the later half .. or the entire length.. of film SLR’s nikons dominated the market because of superior glass quality.

    however. Dslrs”’ are no longer simple mechanical devices. the same aspect do not apply.

    now. taking pictures has EVERYTHING to do with how the image is captured and processed. with a computer chip.

    my main question…

    who has superior image Technology? is there no clear answer?

    im a die hard nikon fan.. or was untill the d100, and the d70 i now have.. i despise them both. they feel like unnatural computers.. instead of an image capturing device.

    does current day canon tech outway nikons?
    or did nikon finally catch up?

    and is nikon always playing the “catch up” game… while canon stays innovative?

  16. “taking pictures has EVERYTHING to do with how the image is captured and processed. with a computer chip.”

    Not for me. Personally, I am interested in capturing something worth capturing. It’s like the old adage that a good song sounds good whether on an expensive hi-fi unit or an AM radio. Sure, the equipment is one part of the equation. However, a bad photo is a bad photo regardless of whether it’s shot with a Nikon, a Canon, or a Linhof. I don’t think slightly more grain or maybe slightly “off” color balance in a great photograph will change the perception that it’s still, a great shot. I guarantee you a good photographer could out shoot you with a D1 and you with whatever DSLR or Medium Format Digital Back you could get your hands on. Something to think about.

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  18. guys i think Nikon is sharper than canon but i dont know about image quality

  19. Canon is Nikon daddy, altough nikon finally brought a realy good iso, years ago it was a shame

    anyway, canon sharpness and colors i prefer them to nikon

    more lens avalaible from canon, and there is a camera that can compete with a 1ds mark III ??

    no, i have a 40d and im gonna buy the 1d mark III

    long live the king CANON !!


    feel free to add me yo your msn

  20. I shoot wakeboarding and have shot with both the D3 and the 1D Mark 3 and both cameras are amazing! Kudos to a war between companies to have market share. We all win. As a sports photographer that is in the sun all the time I don’t need the 20,000,000 ISO so I can get money making images with either camera. I guess if I was shooting a wedding where I may be dealing with low light the ISO would be an issue. I am glad it’s not.

  21. nikon and canon each have there strong and weak
    points. What is inportant to myself is repair service
    As the Nikon repair service is close to my house
    it was a major factor as to which system I bought
    They try very hard to help with a problem and solve it.

  22. @ Jonathan Keller – After reading your statement “As for anyone who says Canon has the market share… As of 2007, Nikon has outsold Canon for dSLRs… Right now it’s Canon playing catch up,” I found these statistics regarding market share for dSLRs

    Canon is losing ground but still holds the market share.


    In any case, like you said, we all win with great companies competing against each other to produce amazing products.

  23. Jonathan Keller

    It’s true that the market share of Nikon has improved after some of the success stories of Nikon D3. As I mentioned there are quite a numbers of professional sports photographers from Newspapers and Wire Agencies are switching to use the Nikon D3 in the Beijing Olympic Games recently August 2008. ( Check the post Nikon D3 vs Canon Mark lll and the photos )

  24. Ilove the way your webpage is organized

  25. First I would like to thank everyone for their posts and opinions. I currently am on the fence of purchasing a canon 1d mk3 or the nikon d3. I have shot canon for the last 20 years. I have been less than impressed with canons consumer lens performance and quality of late. All in all either camera will work for my needs but my biggest concern is the quality of glass. Will a 70-200 f/2.8 L perform as well as a nikon equivelant? and say a 17-50 f2.8L to comp. nikon and 85m f1.8 prime? Or is the differance just a flip of the coin?

  26. I was faced with the above same choice. Although my issue was that I had already owned a mk3, moved to a 5d mk2 and was either going to move back or switch to Nikon. Yes, I believe after waiting a while and seeing how both camera’s performed I’d agree that the Nikon is the better camera. Glass wise – you could argue for ever but not really see any difference in the printed image. I ended up going with Canon again only because I faced selling and buying a whole set of lenses which would have been a costly and painful process. I am thinking, however, to make my next body Nikon and slowly build another camera system.

    For all of you people arguing one vs the other. The camera is a tool. Nothing more. I think it’s the image that counts.

  27. Thank you I’m going to check out both – am an absolute beginner. Very helpful post

  28. Not sure of CANON but NIKON D3 Kicks ass. I love it.

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